Accounting Basics for Success in Business and in Life! free download

You will BUILD a SOLID FOUNDATION in UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS by learning the Basics of Accounts . You will LEARN TO READ FINANCIAL STATEMENTS to assess the health of any Business . You’ll learn about common Entrepreneurial mistakes – such as not understanding the difference between Profits and Cash Flow . The course is designed to give you must needed insights into the World of Accounts where we go over the building blocks of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis together . There are Six Sections to this Course – We go through what is called the Accounting Cycle (which in plain English simply means the process Accountants follow). In Section Four- we will look at and understand the 3 Main Financial Statements .

What you’ll learn in Bookkeeping Essential for Success in Company and in Life!

  1. You will construct A SOLID STRUCTURE IN UNDERSTANDING service by learning the Fundamentals of Accounts.
  2. You will certainly discover TO READ FINANCIAL STATEMENTS to examine the wellness of any Company.
  3. You will certainly understand how the Earnings Statement, Annual Report and Cash Flow Declaration job and also tie in with each other.
  4. You will find out about common Business blunders – such as not recognizing the difference in between Earnings and also Capital which drain pipes a Business owners Resources.
  5. You will find out functional approaches which can be used to get to SERVICE GOALS FASTER.
  6. You will learn ‘Accountancy Lingo’ and ‘Reality Business Examples’ making you a better Financier.
  7. You will have a complete ‘Paradigm shift’ in just how you see business making you recognize the globe of Service better.
  8. You will discover the Basics of Accounting and also how to use complimentary Audit Software program to manage Accounts
  9. You will certainly discover RATIO ANALYSIS & & FINANCIAL proportions to aid you get fast & & informative information about firms.

  • Know English.
  • Understand Fundamental Math.
  • A fundamental calculator would certainly be useful to solve some Tests but is not required.
  • No other previous Accounting expertise is needed – Just an interested mind!


Has Accounting constantly seemed like a foreign language to you?
Do Financial Statements include a lot confusion to your life that you secretly avoid them?
If you are struggling to understand ‘the numbers’ as they claim as well as have actually answered YES to ANY of these concerns – You’ve come to the appropriate place.

This training course is made to offer you need to needed insights right into the Globe of Accounts where we go over the building blocks of Bookkeeping, Audit, Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis with each other.

There are Six Areas to this Training course –

In the Second Area – We undergo what is called the Accountancy Cycle (which simply indicates the process Accountants adhere to). If you have actually ever before wondered what Accountants really do- you’ll get a sneak peek in this area. Plus, I provide you an amazing little trick to understand journal entrances- the building blocks of audit performance. If Debits and Credit ratings have ever before confused you in school- you’ll never be perplexed once more. Many people additionally get perplexed by the term Accounting as well as do not fully understand the functioning of Bookkeepers in the Business process and also we likewise go over that together in this section. When you know a lot more regarding the Accountancy Cycle you’ll uncover the secret behind the varieties of your Business.

In Area Four- we will certainly take a look at and comprehend the 3 Main Financial Statements – The Balance Sheet, The Earnings Statement as well as the Capital Declaration. If you have actually not recognized Financial Statements in the past and also why they are so crucial – You have actually been losing out! Understanding Financial Statements is a necessity for anyone who wishes to make a damage on the planet of Company. If you own a Service or ever before plan to own one – Understanding exactly how to read Financial Statements can take you from being a great company owner to a terrific one. They can take you from an Average investor to a Smart one.

Last, but not the very least we have all the generally asked questions as component of an ongoing library put together as well as assembled in Section Six.

This program is made in a very easy to follow, subject by topic format with a lot of tests to evaluate your finding out in the process. You will additionally be seeing a bit of my zany wit in little bits as well as pieces so please discover it in your heart to forgive me. After all, the majority of audit programs have put me to rest and also if that’s the type of program your looking for after that this course is not for you. This Program is additionally NOT developed to conserve your Marriage or obtain you a date with Katy Perry (Or Brad Pitt if you choose). See, I advised you about my zany humor, didn’t I?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who are is not familiar with Accounting and wants to learn more in a quick and fun way.
  • Business Owners looking for a quick refresher to Basics of Financial Accounting.
  • Managers with limited accounting backgrounds.
  • Budding Investors who think reading Financial Statements and Understanding Accounts is their ‘weakest link.’
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