All about NodeJS free download

All about NodeJS free download
All about NodeJS is a platform that allows developers to write server side high performance and networked applications using good old Javascript . With NodeJS, you can take this knowledge back on the server, where usually you would expect to see the likes of PHP, Ruby, ASP dot NET etc. We will go all the from concept creation, UI/UX design to coding and deploying our app on the cloud . We will build a multi-room chat server that allows users to login via Facebook, Create Chatrooms of their choice and Chat in realtime . Learn about ES6 with NodeJS and how to use the EJS templating language .

What you’ll discover in All about NodeJS

  1. Build High Performance and Scalable Applications utilizing NodeJS
  2. Learn about ES6 with my cost-free book – ECMAScript 6 QuickBytes
  3. Usage NodeJS Streams to create an Internet Server
  4. Make Use Of the Node Package Manager (NPM) for taking care of reliances
  5. Use the Express 4 Structure for developing NodeJS Apps
  6. Utilize the EJS templating language
  7. Understand MongoDB as a NoSQL Database
  8. Create & & Use MongoDB Data sources making use of solutions like MongoLab
  9. Develop Realtime Apps that utilize Web Outlets
  10. Upload & & Resize Images making use of NodeJS
  11. Incorporate Verification using Social network Sites like Facebook
  12. Structure the NodeJS application right into components
  13. Produce and also Release EC2 Cloud Server Instances on Web Provider
  14. Produce and Utilize Amazon’s S3 Storage space Service with NodeJS
  15. Use Amazon’s Cloudfront Solution
  16. Making use of Amazon’s Elastic IP
  17. Configure Safety Groups, Ports & & Forwarding on Amazon EC2
  18. Release a NodeJS application on the EC2 Circumstances
  19. Deploy a NodeJS app on Heroku
  20. Deploy a NodeJS application on Digital Ocean
  21. Install & & Deploy NGINX as a Reverse Proxy Web Server for NodeJS Apps
  22. Configure NGINX as a Load Balancer
  23. Learn about Enterprise Combination
  24. Create an app making use of the extraordinary Hapi framework
  25. Learn more about logging utilizing the Hapi framework
  26. Learn to utilize ES6 with Nodejs
  27. Install & & Deploy Apache Apollo MQ with Nodejs as well as a Python Manuscript


Regarding this Program
NodeJS is a platform that allows designers to write web server side high performance and also networked applications. And that also using good old Javascript. But wait! Isn’t Javascript meant to be made use of for types and also stuff on website?

With Node JS, you can take this understanding back on the web server, where typically you would expect to see the similarity PHP, Ruby, ASP dot web and so on. Yet that’s only a small portion of the reason that NodeJS is so great. The truth that you can compose complete blown networked applications (believe conversation servers, joint tools, real-time information visualisation applications) with simply a couple of lines of code is greater than reason enough to not only check out NodeJS, however deep study it!

The Actual Problem
So, NodeJS seems beautiful intriguing up until now, however what actually struck me in the face when I was discovering everything about Node was the fact that, with any kind of new platform, framework or innovation, you need to take child actions, right via, to materializing world instances, if you need to get to the holds of it. Which leads us to why you’re right here.

Job Oriented Learning
With NodeJS, we will build 2 full blown applications. We will certainly go all the from concept development, UI/UX style to coding and deploying our application on the cloud.
A. ChatCAT – Among the enjoyable things that you can do with NodeJS is construct realtime apps that permit a high number of simultaneous users to engage with each other. Examples of this kind include Conversation Servers, Pc Gaming Servers, Collaborative Tools and so on. We will certainly construct a multi-room chat web server that allows individuals to login by means of Facebook, Develop Chatrooms of their choice as well as Conversation in realtime. We will certainly not only create this application, however also release it on Heroku as well as Digital Sea!

B. PhotoGRID – The second total application that we will construct in this training course is an Image Gallery application which lets individuals upload pictures right into a gallery with the ability to vote up the images that they like. This NodeJS application lets customers publish files, which are after that resized to thumbnails on the web server and kept in an S3 Bucket for optimum shipment to the front end interface. The entire application operates on an EC2 Cloud Web server which we will certainly develop from the ground up and set up for usage.

In the tasks above, we leave no rock unturned in terms of execution. This is a total hands-on course that is not just restricted to NodeJS but to the community that needs attention when a NodeJS app is built and released. My intent is hand hold you completely from composing your first app to releasing production degree applications on the cloud.

PERK:: Here’s the best thing about this program. The educational program that you see obtains you up and also running with NodeJS & & Cloud Implementation. However, there is so much extra that you can do with NodeJS, which is why I will maintain including new lectures and areas to this training course on a continuous basis. There is so much a lot more that you will certainly get with complete life time accessibility to talks and all updates !!

Who this course is for:

  • Understand the inner workings of NodeJS
  • Web Designers & Front End Developers who wish to extend their knowledge of Javascript for building high performance network applications.
  • Software Developers who want to build high performance network applications.
  • Absolute beginners with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, wanting to upgrade to professional Web Development and Building Web Apps.
  • Anyone who wishes to get hands-on training with setting up an Amazon EC2 Instance with a host of other services like Cloudfront, Elastic IP and S3
  • Anyone who wishes to get hands-on training with deploying a NodeJS app on the cloud
  • Computer Engineering students
  • Tech Entrepreneurs who want to get their hands down and dirty with Web Coding & App Development.
  • Anyone who wishes to stay on the forefront of technology !
  • PHP, ASPnet, Perl, Java & Ruby coders wanting to leap onto the NodeJs bandwagon.
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