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Apprenticed to Magick is an introductory course packed with practical tips and tricks . Andrew T. Austin outlines the psychological model for magick and teaches the core ritual and meditation practices for any magical apprentice to the Western Magical Tradition . Learn the relationship between the tarot and the Qabalistic Tree of Life in this introductory course . Learn to explore the mysteries, gain mastery over the lower regions and walk amongst the Gods . Use this course to learn the core principles of magical practice and practice the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and the Four alchemical elements of the Four Elements of the Alchemical Elements . Learn how to perform the Qabistic Cross ritual .

What you’ll find out in Apprenticed to Magick

  1. Discover the core concepts of magical practice
  2. Understand the 4 alchemical aspects and also their angelic attributions
  3. Be able to carry out the Qabalistic Cross routine
  4. Understand and exercise the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
  5. Learn the basics of wonderful ritual
  6. Discover the attributions of the pentagram and their invoking and eradicating forms
  7. Learn the connection between the tarot and the Qabalistic Tree of Life


Aiming to begin your trip into the Western Wonderful Tradition? To discover the secrets, gain mastery over the reduced areas and also walk amongst the Gods? In this introductory training course packed with functional suggestions and also methods, Andrew T. Austin lays out the psychological model for magick as well as teaches the core routine and meditation techniques for any kind of wonderful apprentice to the Western Wonderful Custom.

In Apprenticed to Magick you will certainly learn the invoking as well as getting rid of kinds of the pentagrams, the lower banishing ritual of the pentagram in addition to the principles of invocation as well as calling forth. Additionally, instructions in brain training are likewise used along with an intro to the parallels in between the Qabalistic and Tarot systems with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Starting out in a Qabalistic lodge and also Order in 1990, Andrew T. Austin is a magician with over three decades of experience in ceremonial magick. A former registered nurse (A&E, Neurosurgery) he is a Freemason, Oddfellow, Discordian Pope and also is an initiate of The Ordo Templi Orientis among various other wonderful as well as occult Orders. Properly he is a lecturer in mental wellness and also psychiatric therapy with certain reference to archetypes and metaphor as related to the human experience.

Who this course is for:

  • This is for budding magicians looking for a good foundation in the psychological model of magick for their magical training
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