Complete Course on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency free download

Complete Course on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency free download
Complete Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Course on the blockchain . What is Bitcoin and what is Bitcoin? How to Safely Buy and store Crypto Currencies? What is a wallet on the . blockchain? What’s SHA256? How wallets sign transactions on the the blockchain? How mining work in bitcoin and how to build Tik-Tok on Ethereum . What’s the difference between Coin vs Token? How do you build TikTok on Bitcoin? What are Cryto Currencies and what’s the best way to build a digital currency? We’ll learn more about the technology behind the Bitcoin and Etherum currencies . We’ll be able to use the technology to build our own digital currencies in the future .

What you’ll find out in Full Program on Blockchain as well as Cryptocurrency

  1. What is Blockchain Technoogy?
  2. What are Cryto Currencies?
  3. What is Bitcoin as well as Ethereum?
  4. Exactly How to Securely Purchase and keep Crypto Currencies?
  5. What is SHA256
  6. What is a wallet on the blockchain
  7. How wallets sign transactions on the blockchain
  8. Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and also Internet 3.0
  9. Fiat Currency vs Crypto Money
  10. Benefits of block chain modern technology
  11. Types of Block chain technology
  12. Hash and Merkle tree in a block
  13. Just how mining work in bitcoin
  14. Pocketbook address, Public and also Exclusive secret of your pocketbook
  15. Building Tik-Tok on Ethereum
  16. Distinction in between Coin vs Token
  17. Etherum, Defi as well as DApps
  18. Introduction to agreement mechanism
  19. Proof of Job agreement device in bitcoin
  20. Block Chain Trilemma
  21. Ethereum Scaling Option
  22. what is matic network (polygon)


If you are new to cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain after that you may have some concerns in mind such as:

Comprehending these inquiries might be frustrating however this program will assist you recognize all the facility subjects. I have separated this training course right into 10 various sections and also you will have a very good understanding of blockchain and also cryptocurrency after this program.

1. Introduction to cryptocurrency

Who this course is for:

  • Students wanted to learn about block chain
  • People interested in learning about cryptocurrencies
  • Beginner graduate interested to learn abut block chain and cryptocurrency
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