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Full-fledged hands-on Project on Data Visualization with Python – “Visualizing Covid-19” How to develop useful, intuitive and informative visualizations using Python programming . Basic Plotting with Matplotlib, NumPy and Pandas are the top two Python libraries for data visualizations . Advanced data Visualization tools – Waffle Chart, Word Cloud, Heat map, Bubble charts, Waffle chart, Heat Map . Top Python Libraries – NumPy, Pandas, Python, Python and MatPlotlib . How to use Python for Data visualizations: Bar chart, Histogram, Pie chart, Bar chart and Pie chart . What you’ll learn in Data Visualizations with Python

What you’ll learn in Data Visualization with Python and Job Execution

  1. Exactly how to utilize Python for Information Visualization
  2. Full-fledged hands-on Project on Data Visualization with Python – “Envisioning Covid-19”
  3. Just how to develop beneficial, instinctive and interesting visualizations utilizing Python shows
  4. Introduction to Information Visualization – what it is, its importance & & advantages
  5. Leading Python Libraries for Information Visualization
  6. Introduction to Matplotlib, Install Matplotlib with pip
  7. Standard Plotting with Matplotlib
  8. NumPy and also Pandas
  9. Data Visualization tools – Bar chart, Pie chart, Pie chart
  10. Even more Information Visualization devices – Scatter Plot, Area Plot, Stacked Location Plot, Box Plot
  11. Advanced data Visualization devices – Waffle Graph, Word Cloud, Warmth map
  12. Specialized information Visualization devices (I) – Bubble graphes, Shape plots, Quiver Story
  13. Specialized data Visualization tools (II) – 3D Plotting in Matplotlib
  14. 3D Line Plot, 3 D Scatter Story, 3D Shape Story, 3D Wireframe Story, 3D Surface Story
  15. Seaborn – Intro to Seaborn, Seaborn functionalities, Mounting Seaborn
  16. Different groups of story in Seaborn, Some standard plots using seaborn
  17. Data Visualization using Seaborn – Strip Plot, Flock Plot, Outlining Bivariate Circulation
  18. Scatter plot, Hexbin story, KDE, Regplot, Visualizing Pairwise Partnership, Box story, Violin Plots, Factor Plot


A cozy welcome to the Information Visualization with Python and also Job Application course by Uplatz.

Data Visualizations enable people to discover information in various means and see patterns and understandings that would certainly not be feasible when checking out the raw type. Human beings long for story and visualizations allow us to draw a story out of our shops of data. Data visualization is the self-control of trying to recognize information by placing it in a visual context to make sure that patterns, trends and correlations that might not or else be detected can be revealed.

As datasets become bigger as well as more complicated, just AI, appeared sights, as well as more innovative coding languages will certainly be able to obtain insights from them. Advanced analytics is paving the way for the next wave of technology. The human mind procedures visual data better than any type of other kind of data, which is excellent because a lot of the info our brains process is aesthetic. Visual handling and also actions both take place more quickly compared to various other stimulations.

A great visualization might be the distinction between tough to digest stacks of information and useful organization info. With enhancing volume of information, it is beside difficult to rely upon just one way regularity tables as well as data to comprehend the data. Good visualizations can accelerate the process of comprehending information and obtaining insights.

Why Python for Data Visualization?

Python provides several excellent graphing libraries that come packed with great deals of various attributes. Despite if you wish to produce interactive, online or extremely customized stories python has an outstanding collection for you.

Python programming language has various kinds of collections for all sort of jobs. Furthermore, python has various libraries for visualization of Information, to ensure that user can recognize the dataset in very comprehensive method and analyze it properly.

Each library of visualization has its own spec. Using the particular libraries for specific job helps the user to finish the task in a lot more easy and accurate way. Some frees function far better than the others.

Python utilizes two exclusive collections for information visualization.


Python based plotting collection offers matplotlib with a complete 2D assistance together with limited 3D graphic assistance. It is useful in generating publication top quality numbers in interactive environment across platforms. It can likewise be made use of for computer animations too. Matplotlib is a library used for outlining charts in the Python programs language. It is made use of plot 2 – dimensional arrays. Matplotlib is built on NumPy varieties. It is developed to work with the boundary SciPy stack. It was created by John Hunter in 2002. The benefit of visualization is that user can have visual access to large amounts of the dataset. Matplotlib is a library which is contains different plots such as histogram, bar, line, scatter, etc. Matplotlib features a huge selection of stories. Plots are practical for comprehending patterns, fads as well as for making connections. It has instruments for thinking concerning measurable details. As matplotlib was the extremely initial collection of data visualization in python, lots of other collections are created in addition to it or created to work parallel to it for the analysis of the dataset.


Seaborn is a collection for developing informative and eye-catching analytical graphics in python. This collection is improved top of the Matplotlib library. Seaborn provides numerous features such as built in motifs, color schemes, functions and tools to picture univariate, bivariate, linear regression, matrices of information, statistical time collection etc. that permits us to build complex visualizations. Seaborn is a collection of Python programs generally utilized for making statistical graphics of the dataset. It is additionally integrated carefully with Pandas, which is used for the data framework of Datasets. Seaborn is very handy to check out and comprehend information in a far better way. It offers a high degree of a going across point for sketching attractive and also interesting algebraic graphics.

A few of the other crucial Python collections utilized in data visualization are:

Uplatz uses this full program on Data Visualization with Python. This Data Visualization in Python training course will aid you make use of Python’s most popular and also robust data visualization libraries. Learn just how to utilize Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh, and also others to produce useful fixed and also interactive visualizations of categorical, aggregated, and geospatial data.

Data Visualization with Python – Program Curriculum

1. Intro to Information Visualization

2. Matplotlib

3. Numpy and Pandas

4. Information Visualization devices

5. More Information Visualization tools

6. Advanced data Visualization devices

7. Specialized data Visualization tools (Part-I)

8. Specialized information Visualization devices (Part-II)

Three-Dimensional Outlining in Matplotlib

9. Seaborn

10. Information Visualization using Seaborn

11. Project on Information Visualization

Who this course is for:

  • Data Analysts & Consultants
  • Python Programmers & Developers
  • Business Analysts & Consultants
  • Anyone wishing to make a career in Business Intelligence, Visualization and Analytics
  • Data Visualization Managers
  • Data Engineers & Data Scientists
  • Data Visualization Developers
  • Data Architects
  • Data Visualization Leads
  • Newbies and beginners aspiring to become BI & Visualization professionals
  • Data Analysts – Python, Tableau, SQL
  • BI Solutions Manager
  • Reporting Analysts
  • Machine Learning Professionals
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