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FurTap™ – EFT For Pets teaches how to use EFT Tapping to clear blocks in your meridians as an Energy Healing technique . Learn the two-part system of effective Emotional Freedom Techniques . Use the setup tapping point and Guided Meditation to experience the sensations of each tapping point . Learn how to set your tapping focus and statement wording to increase effectiveness and healing. Use the top-to-bottom tapping sequence as created by the Founder of EFT. Learn about the benefits of grounding and grounding. Learn the top to the bottom of the tapping sequence and how to create effective setup statements. Use a guided meditation to feel the effects of each tap point.

What you’ll discover in FurTap ™ – EFT For Pet dogs

  1. Know what EFT Tapping is as well as how to use it on and also for yourself.
  2. How to make use of EFT Tapping as a Power Psychology method.
  3. How to utilize EFT Touching to clear blocks in your meridians as a Power Healing technique.
  4. Learn the two-part system of effective Emotional Flexibility Techniques.
  5. Find out exactly how to produce efficient arrangement declarations.
  6. Find out how to set your touching emphasis as well as declaration phrasing to increase efficiency and also recovery.
  7. Know the configuration touching factor.
  8. Tapping Sequence Presentation Video Clip.
  9. Tapping Point Demo Video and Guided Reflection to experience the feelings of each touching factor.
  10. Touching Arrangement Phase Demo Video Clip.
  11. Discover the top-to-bottom touching sequence as produced by the Owner of EFT.
  12. Find out about the advantages of grounding and just how you can use this in your EFT practice.
  13. Discover the advantages of eye motions in your EFT technique and also how to apply it.
  14. Know exactly how to use tapping on yourself as an animal proprietor or animal carer.
  15. Understand as well as know when to utilize EFT Touching on your animals.
  16. Find out just how to make use of tapping straight on your pet.
  17. Obtain printable themes to utilize as a tip on locating the tapping factors.
  18. Discover what by-proxy tapping is and just how to utilize by-proxy touching strategies for your family pets.
  19. Understand borrowed advantages and just how it works.
  20. Learn what surrogate touching is as well as just how to make use of surrogate tapping for your pet.
  21. Find out how to use the back points for quick, easy aid for your animal.
  22. Learn how to utilize remote tapping for your animals.
  23. Receive Training course Reference of crucial as well as frequently made use of terms.
  24. Receive Course Manual E-book printable for simplicity of referral.
  25. Get concentrated touching sources including touching design templates, experiential task hand-outs, research posts and also reviews.
  26. Get article including EFT Tapping Script Instances on various subjects to contribute to your EFT Practice.
  27. Obtain monthly Free Short Guided Meditations.
  28. Know as well as comprehend how to measure EFT session development.
  29. Learn the fundamental EFT meridian trigger points needed to develop favorable outcomes.


Over 1,800 satisfied trainees enrolled in my EFT programs from over 98 nations.

Over 60 evaluations.

4,12 STAR Teacher Rating out of 5.

4.75 STAR Training Course Rating out of 5


“Truly intriguing subject matter, great distribution and a lots of sustaining product.’ Dayan M


“In the beginning of the course and am looking forward to what is ahead.” Tracy N


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who loves their animals and want an alternative method to help their animals live, thrive and heal.
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