Level I CFA® Prep Course 2022 – Financial Statement Analysis free download

Level I CFA® Prep Course 2022 – Financial Statement Analysis . Classify the various financial statement elements (assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses) Understand the roles of standard setting bodies and regulatory authorities . Apply analytic methods to forecast future earnings and cash flows . Use the DuPont formulas to decompose ROE into its components to interpret a firm’s profit drivers . Be familiar with the IFRS Framework, and identify the key differences between IFRS and US GAAP. Apply various tools and techniques used in financial analysis. Calculate financial ratios and make inferences through the ratios. Determine if an asset is impaired, and the methods to revalue an asset .

What you’ll find out in Degree I CFA ® Preparation Program 2022 – Financial Declaration Evaluation

  1. Identify the different monetary declaration elements (assets, liabilities, equity, profits, and also costs).
  2. Recognize the standard and also enhanced audit equations.
  3. Comprehend the functions of conventional setup bodies and regulative authorities.
  4. Know with the IFRS Framework, and likewise recognize the crucial distinctions between IFRS and US GAAP.
  5. Determine depreciation, COGS, supply under various price circulation presumptions, fundamental and diluted EPS.
  6. Compare operating and non-operating products.
  7. Understand the various balance sheet accounts, exactly how they are valued, and also what they stand for.
  8. Calculate monetary proportions as well as make reasonings through the proportions.
  9. Build a capital statement, by either the direct or indirect approach.
  10. Distinguish between operating, spending, and also funding capital.
  11. Apply various devices and strategies made use of in financial evaluation.
  12. Make use of the DuPont solutions to decompose ROE right into its parts to analyze a firm’s profit motorists.
  13. Distinguish between the various expense flow techniques: LIFO, FIFO, and also heavy typical expense.
  14. Compute gears, finishing supply, and gross earnings under the various cost flow methods.
  15. Distinguish between capitalisation and immediate expensing of numerous prices.
  16. Identify if a property suffers, and also the techniques to revalue a possession.
  17. Distinguish between taxes payable and earnings tax obligation cost.
  18. Comprehend the scenarios that lead to deferred taxes, calculate and also make adjustments to deferred taxes.
  19. Determine the book value of a bond and the rate of interest cost using the efficient rate of interest approach.
  20. Distinguish between operating lease and money lease.
  21. Understand just how bookkeeping techniques and also quotes can influence reported incomes, financial setting, and also category of capital.
  22. Understand cautioning signs of profits manipulation.
  23. Apply analytic approaches to anticipate future profits and also cash flows.
  24. Recognize the typical sorts of adjustments to financial declarations for comparability functions.


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Who this course is for:

  • This course is for CFA Level 1 Candidates
  • This course is for people who are interested in the CFA Program
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