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Mindful Meditation a 21 Day Guided Programme is designed to accelerate the experience of mindfulness meditation for individuals . Mindfulness meditation has been in the consciousness of Eastern philosophy for over two and a half thousand years and is currently gaining increased popularity in more western cultures . You will have developed your understanding of how your physical breathing patterns are affected with changing activity in the mind and with your emotions and how to manage this . All you need to do is set aside time and follow the guidance given in daily exercises . The Course is divided into 5 sections, 7 days per section, with each of the 21 days having a ‘Point of Focus’, a key learning objective to be achieved .

What you’ll learn in Mindfulness Meditation a 21 Day Assisted Program

  1. You will have experienced a 21 day organized programme of practise therefore understand what reflective mindfulness practise involves and also have a structure or understanding and also experience that will enable you to integrate this type of practise into your life on a longer term basis
  2. You will have reinforced you body as well as stance, through disciplined everyday practise and also have a better link with your body
  3. You will certainly have practiced and also increased your capacity to hold tranquility in your body and also your mind
  4. You will likewise have actually created your understanding of exactly how your physical breathing patterns are affected with altering activity in the mind as well as with your feelings and just how to manage this
  5. You will have developed much more effective as well as unwinded breathing patterns, with the practise of regulated breathing and breathing extra totally
  6. You will certainly have improved your levels of concentration as well as capacity to focus, through prolonged periods of concentrated focus
  7. You will certainly have found out and practiced strategies to unwind the body and also in doing so developed brand-new habits of recognition and a raised you capacity to deal with stress as well as anxiousness
  8. You will have practise the methods and workouts to help you create a much deeper understanding of exactly how to produce and maintain a deeper sense of tranquility within the body and mind


Being completely assisted; the programme in this course is made to increase the experience of mindfulness meditation for individuals, as well as laying the structures for a life time of practise. All you require to do is reserved time and comply with the support given up daily workouts.

Experience Mindful Meditation, discovering and also practising methods to unwind your body and soothe your mind

Mindfulness practise has remained in the consciousness of Eastern philosophy for over 2 and a half thousand years and also is presently gaining increased appeal in more western societies. Although its beginnings are connected with Buddhism, the practise of mindfulness remains in no other way a spiritual or thoughtful endeavor.

The Training course
Divided right into 5 areas. Section 1 presents you to what Mindfulness is and how Mindfulness meditation is utilized to calm an active mind. After that, areas 2, 3 and also 4 include the 21 day programme, 7 days per area, with each of the 21 days having a ‘Factor of Focus’, a crucial understanding objective to be accomplished during the assisted, early morning and evening workouts. The last area, section 5, gives recommendations on the following actions as you seek to continue your Mindfulness trip.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want an experience of what regular mindfulness practise can do for you and want to develop habits that will benefit their state of wellbeing beyond this course
  • The course is designed for those who have no previous experience, but is also a useful course for those that have fallen out of practise or are interested in boosting their current practise
  • The course is designed for individuals; however this could also be used by a group sitting together for the audio exercises
  • Suitable for anyone interested in understanding more about themselves
  • This is not designed for long term, experienced practitioners, unless of course you feel drawn to the material in the course
  • If you have any questions about the suitability of this course for you, then please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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