Python & Machine Learning for Financial Analysis free download

Python & Machine Learning for Financial Analysis free download
Master Python 3 programming fundamentals for Data Science and Machine Learning with focus on Finance . Understand how to leverage the power of Python to apply key financial concepts such as calculating daily portfolio returns, risk and Sharpe ratio . Apply machine and deep learning models to solve real-world problems in the banking and finance sectors . Use Jupyter Notebooks for developing, presenting and sharing Data Science projects . Understand the theory and intuition behind Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), CAPM . Use NumPy for scientific computing, Pandas for Data Analysis, Matplotlib/Seaborn for data plotting/visualization . Master SciKit-Learn library to build, train and tune machine learning models .

What you’ll find out in Python & & Artificial Intelligence for Financial Analysis

  1. Master Python 3 programs principles for Data Science as well as Machine Learning with concentrate on Finance.
  2. Understand how to leverage the power of Python to use essential economic concepts such as computing day-to-day profile returns, threat as well as Sharpe ratio.
  3. Comprehend the theory and intuition behind Resources Possession Pricing Version (CAPM)
  4. Understand exactly how to make use of Jupyter Notebooks for establishing, offering and also sharing Information Science projects.
  5. key Python Libraries such as NumPy for scientific computer, Pandas for Information Evaluation, Matplotlib/Seaborn for data plotting/visualization
  6. Master SciKit-Learn collection to construct, train and also tune device finding out versions utilizing real-world datasets.
  7. Apply device as well as deep knowing models to address real-world issues in the financial as well as financing industries
  8. Comprehend the theory and instinct behind numerous device finding out algorithms for regression, classification and also clustering
  9. Assess the performance of qualified maker finding out regression versions using various KPI (Trick Performance indications)
  10. Evaluate the efficiency of skilled equipment learning classifiers utilizing various KPIs such as precision, accuracy, recall, as well as F1-score.
  11. Recognize the underlying concept, intuition behind Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Frequent Neural Networks (RNNs) & & Long Short-term Memory Networks (LSTM).
  12. Train ANNs using back proliferation and gradient descent algorithms.
  13. Optimize ANNs active parameters such as number of surprise layers as well as neurons to improve network efficiency.
  14. Master attribute design as well as information cleansing methods for machine learning and also data scientific research applications.


Are you ready to find out python programming fundamentals and directly use them to address real life applications in Financing and Banking?

If the solution is yes, then welcome to the “The Complete Python and Artificial Intelligence for Financial Analysis” program in which you will discover every little thing you need to establish sensible real-world finance/banking applications in Python!

So why Python?

Python is placed as the leading shows language to find out in 2020, right here are 6 factors you need to find out Python today!

1. # 1 language for AI & & Machine Learning: Python is the # 1 programming language for artificial intelligence and expert system.

Who this course is for:

  • Financial analysts who want to harness the power of Data science and AI to optimize business processes, maximize revenue, reduce costs.
  • Python programmer beginners and data scientists wanting to gain a fundamental understanding of Python and Data Science applications in Finance/Banking sectors.
  • Investment bankers and financial analysts wanting to advance their careers, build their data science portfolio, and gain real-world practical experience.
  • There is no prior experience required, Even if you have never used python or any programming language before, don’t worry! You will have a clear video explanation for each of the topics we will be covering. We will start from the basics and gradually build up your knowledge.
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