The Complete GitHub Actions & Workflows Guide free download

The Complete GitHub Actions & Workflows Guide free download
In this course we will comprehensively explore GitHub’s CI service . We will learn what GitHub workflows & actions are . And we will discover everything we can do in a GitHub workflow including how to run commands, use actions, trigger workflows, build matrices, filter by branch and more . Then we will use what we learned to create a real-world example of a CI/CD workflow where we will test, build, deploy our code . And finally we will learn how to write custom actions and publish them on the marketplace so that other people can use it . Learn how to use semantic versioning to automatically version your code in your workflows .

What you’ll learn in The Full GitHub Actions & & Workflows Overview

  1. Find out about composing serialized information in the YAML format
  2. Discover conceptually what workflows and GitHub activities are
  3. Learn what terms like activity, action, task, occasion, operations, and so on. imply
  4. Discover whatever you can do in a github operations (occasions, schedules, filtering system, atmosphere variables, context, encryption, matrix and even more)
  5. Find out just how docker can be utilized in a github operations
  6. Create a real-life CI/CD workflow for code screening, formatting, versioning and also extra
  7. Find out how to utilize semantic versioning to immediately version your code in your operations
  8. Upload code screening protection records in your workflows utilizing codecov
  9. Use caching in operations for faster performace
  10. Discover publishing artefacts in process
  11. Discover just how to produce your very own custom GitHub Actions utilizing Javascript or Docker
  12. Produce an action for opening up GitHub concerns utilizing JavaScript
  13. Develop an action for sending out slack messages utilizing PHP
  14. Find out exactly how to publish GitHub activities in the GitHub market.


GitHub recently launched “GitHub Actions”, a CI solution competitor to solutions like TravisCI and also CircleCI. GitHub Actions however has the side of being natively incorporated with your GitHub database. In addition to that, thanks to GitHub’s popularity; GitHub Actions has the benefit of having big environment as well as neighborhood. Using GitHub Actions you will certainly locate a lot of official and also community pre-made operations as well as additionally the activities industry. In the activities market you can discover tons of activities which are reusable pieces of code that you can utilize in your process to execute certain jobs like deploying code, engaging with API’s, sending SMS’s, etc. Learn everything you need to recognize in order to create GitHub workflows & Actions. In this course we will comprehensively explore GitHub’s CI solution. We will certainly learn what GitHub workflows & activities are. As well as we will certainly uncover everything we can do in a GitHub operations consisting of just how to run commands, utilize actions, trigger operations, build matrices, filter by branch as well as more. Then we will use what we discovered to produce a real-world instance of a CI/CD workflow where we will certainly examine, build, release our code and also more. As well as finally we will find out just how to write personalized actions and publish them on the market to make sure that other individuals can utilize it. Let’s take a look at what will certainly be talked about in each section in more information: Area

1 In area 1 we will have a fast theoretical introduction
to what operations, actions, jobs, actions as well as other terms that we will certainly see are. We will certainly likewise find out about YAML which is the format utilized to write process in GitHub. After that we will certainly begin creating our operations and also take a look at standard points like writing commands, making use of different coverings and using actions including one of the most usual action which is the check out action. In section 2 we will get a little bit deeper and also learn different manner ins which we can use in order to trigger an operations to run

. This includes GitHub events like press as well as pull_request, cron routines and also outside events. We will additionally see exactly how to make a workflow only compete certain branches, tags as well as directory site courses. In this area we will see how can we use default environment variables and likewise just how to include custom environment variables. We will certainly likewise see exactly how to encrypt environment variables that are sensitive and also how to encrypt and decrypt delicate documents that we do not will not to push to our database. In addition, we will certainly see the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable and how to use it for verification. Additionally we will certainly take a look at the context info that we can access in our operations which consists of a great deal of details about our present workflow as well as online equipment and also more. Finally we will certainly have a look at various functions that are available to utilize in our process. In area 4 we will certainly see how can we configuration matrices, a matrix is a way to run a task numerous times but utilizing various settings. We will also learn just how to use docker in our work as well as actions and just how to run multiple

docker solutions in our work. Section 5 Area 6 Throughout the program we will utilize some actions that are available in the industry. In this area we will certainly discover exactly how to create our own activities. Actions can be produced making use of JavaScript or utilizing Docker.
In this section we

are mosting likely to
learn about both ways and then we will certainly produce a JavaScript activity that opens up GitHub problems and a docker activity that send out a slack message which we will write utilizing PHP.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers/Software engineers who need to learn everything about GitHub Workflows & Actions.
  • Developers/Software engineers who want to create a CI/CD workflow using GitHub
  • Developers/Software engineers who would like to learn how to create and publish GitHub Actions.
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