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Ultimate Power Electronics Bundle for Electrical Engineering . Learn about different types of Diodes, different kinds of converters and different types of converters . Understand different Losses associated with Power Electronics . Understand how Diode Works and how a Thyristor works . Know the Latching and Holding Current of Thyristors and understand different operating states of Thyristsors . Use this bundle to help students understand different applications of Power electronics and learn more about the technology behind the wheel of power electronics . Use these bundles to learn more than 50% of what you’ll learn in this bundle . Learn more about how to use the Converters, Converters and other Converters .

What you’ll discover in Ultimate Power Electronic Devices Package for Electric Design

  1. Understand Interpretation of Power Electronics
  2. Understand various applications of Power electronic devices
  3. Know different kinds of Converters
  4. Know different Classifications of Power Electronic Gadgets
  5. Understand different Losses connected with Power Electronics
  6. Difference between Perfect and Practical Switch
  7. Understand Various factors when selecting the Power Digital tool
  8. Understand how Diode Works
  9. Understand the Diode V-I Characteristics
  10. Find Out About Different Sorts Of Diodes
  11. Learn just how a Thyristor functions
  12. Understand Thyristor V-I Characteristics
  13. Understand Different operating states of Thyristor
  14. Know the Latching as well as Holding Current of Thyristor
  15. Understand different Kinds of Thyristor
  16. Learn how Totally Managed Switch works
  17. Understand different Types of Fully Managed buttons
  18. Understand Why GTO is the King of Power Electronic Devices
  19. Understand how Rectifier functions
  20. Learn Different Types of Rectifiers for Solitary Stage
  21. Learn about Fifty Percent Wave Rectifier R lots for both regulated as well as uncontrolled
  22. Discover Fifty Percent Wave Rectifier R-L lots for both regulated and also unchecked
  23. Discover Fifty Percent Wave Rectifier R-L load for both controlled as well as unrestrained with Free wheeling Diode
  24. Understand the Usage of Freewheeling Diode
  25. Understand the Principle of Firing angle
  26. Understand the Biphase Rectifier
  27. Understand the fully, half regulated and also unchecked Bridge Rectifier
  28. Understand the Performance Parameters for Rectifier Circuit
  29. Learn more about the Power Element
  30. Learn about the Firing Circuit UJT
  31. Comprehend the Protection of Power Electronic gadgets Versus Over-current, Over-Voltage as well as Short-term state.
  32. Recognize the Collection and also Parallel Diodes
  33. Discover the Isolation of Firing Circuit using Pulse Transformer
  34. Learn the Seclusion of Firing Circuit utilizing OptoCoupler
  35. Understand the meaning of air conditioning chopper
  36. Analyze the air conditioning chopper R load circuit
  37. Find out the air conditioning chopper L tons circuit
  38. Assess the a/c chopper R-L series tons circuit
  39. Recognize the air conditioner chopper R-L parallel load circuit
  40. Evaluate the a/c chopper Capacitive load circuit
  41. Recognize the essential cycle control
  42. Find out how to make use of AC chopper in transformer tap changing
  43. Discover the applications as well as drawbacks of air conditioner choppers
  44. Analyze the air conditioning chopper packed by a/c Motor
  45. Definition of DC choppers
  46. Applications of DC choppers
  47. Understand step down DC chopper with R-load.
  48. Generation of task cycle
  49. Action down DC chopper with R-L-E tons
  50. Step up DC chopper R or R-L tons
  51. Tip up DC chopper with RE tons
  52. Buck regulator
  53. Boost regulator
  54. Buck-boost regulator
  55. Definition of inverter
  56. Significance and applications of inverters
  57. Analysis of solitary stage half bridge R-load
  58. Evaluation of solitary stage half bridge RL-load.
  59. Efficiency specifications of an inverter
  60. Analysis of solitary stage bridge R-load
  61. Evaluation of solitary stage bridge RL-load.
  62. Understand the three phase inverters and obtaining the line voltages as well as stage voltages.
  63. Single pulse size modulation
  64. Numerous pulse size inflection
  65. Commercial inverters
  66. Sinusoidal pulse width inflection
  67. simulation using MATLAB of single-phase half wave controlled rectifier
  68. simulation using MATLAB of single-phase bridge managed rectifier
  69. simulation using MATLAB of single-phase AC chopper with R as well as RL lots
  70. simulation making use of MATLAB of DC-DC converter as a dollar regulator
  71. simulation utilizing MATLAB of boost regulatory authority
  72. simulation using MATLAB of buck-boost regulatory authority
  73. simulation making use of MATLAB of single-phase half-bridge inverter
  74. simulation utilizing MATLAB of single-phase bridge inverter
  75. simulation utilizing MATLAB of three Stage Inverter


“Ultimate Power Electronic Devices Training Course + MATLAB Simulink Training Course Package”

The only training course package around with whatever you require to find out about rectifiers, air conditioner choppers, DC choppers, as well as inverters

Very first Course “Total Rectifiers Course for Electric Design”

Throughout the course you will discover:

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in understanding power electronics.
  • Anyone who wants to know about different converters and how rectifiers work
  • Beginner course for electrical engineering students and for those who want to gain knowledge about AC Choppers
  • Electrical engineers and electrical power engineering students who want to learn about DC choppers
  • Electrical engineers or electrical power engineers who want to learn more about inverters in power electronics.
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